Katherine Ruskey

The A B Seas of Ocean City, Maryland

Take a trip down memory lane, or the Coastal Highway of Ocean City, with the most family-friendly locations that children, young and seasoned, know by heart. This memorable getaway starts on Assateague Island and doesn’t stop until your 11 A.M. checkout the next morning.


It’s the end of the Christmas season and no one looks forward to that more than the elves. Making toys for the big guy to deliver can be exhausting! The elves’ hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and Santa gives his hard working helpers a much needed vacation! Where do you think elves take their vacations?

How to Plant a Jellybean

Nothing is more exciting than the anticipation of waiting for the Easter Bunny to arrive and leave baskets of goodies. Except maybe planting jellybeans the night before to grow sweet treats. Jellybeans aren’t just for eating. With the help of the Easter Bunny’s magic dust, jellybeans sprout into delicious lollipops overnight.

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Katherine Ruskey lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Her favorite hobbies include running, boating, and walking her yellow lab, Cooper.

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