About the Author

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Ruskey. I grew up and currently live in a small town outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

My debut novel, Marlin Week, is an adult fiction novel that follows three captains through their participating in The White Marlin Open. It’s my first book for adults and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Growing up I used to write short stories and publish them in the self made basement classroom of my parents house. By the time I was in 5th grade, I knew that I wanted to be a writer!

My first book, The A B “Seas” of Ocean City, Maryland is extremely special to me. My family grew up going “down the ocean” for our vacations so often that I felt like I lived there. I still remember sitting down in the kitchen of our 23rd street condo and writing the alphabet book in just under 3 hours. And by sheer luck, I found a publisher that was interested on a last minute girls trip to New York City!

My second book, Elfcation, highlights the whimsical stories that I can create by sitting and sketching out whatever pops into my brain on a random Friday night. Personally, if I were an elf, I would go to the beach for my vacation!

How to Plant a Jellybean, my third published book, shares a family tradition that my younger sister, Maggie, and I have the night before Easter. When we were younger, we actually saw the Easter Bunny outside of our bedroom window- right after we planted our jellybeans! And guess what- the next morning all of the jellybeans grew right into lollipops! I hope you get the chance to plant some jellybeans.

My next book, Let’s Have a Parade, wraps readers in a warm hug as they brave the chilly New York temperatures for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I’ve been lucky enough to actually participate in the Macy’s parade with my boyfriend, Tim. Our first year, Tim was a pilgrim and I was a leaf!

Elfis takes us back to the North Pole where we meet, who other than-Elfis! He’s an elf that knows he was born to be a star! His epic journey begins at Santa’s workshop where he struggles to get to the North Pole Talent Show.

Inside Out Jammies takes the thrill of an upcoming snowfall to the next level. Have you ever tried to make a snow day? Well here’s your chance. Get those jammies inside out!

When I’m not drawing out storyboards or writing, I work as a 4th grade Math teacher. (Ironic right? A writer that teaches Math!) In addition to teaching, I work as a sign language interpreter in the Baltimore area primarily focusing on performing arts and educational interpreting. What can I say? I love to learn new things and stay busy!

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